Regression to past life regression fantasy or neuroscience?


A word on Regression and unconscious maps. 

Memories are thus physical systems in brains whose organization and activities constitute records or representations of the outside world, not in the passive sense of pictures, but as action systems. The representations are accurate to the extent that they allow the organism to represent appropriate actions to the world.

— J.Z. Young, 1978

Regression to Past life

The beneficial psychological effects of PAST LIFE REGRESSION (PLR) are perhaps connected to its enhancing effects on transcendental beliefs.  PLR, by offering an insight into past existence, may assist people in reverting to a form of consciousness of enhanced awareness, one in which there is a deeper commitment to live out life’s purpose Disciples of this procedure advocate that it is an effective means for personality modification and self-development. PLR may transmogrify hypnosis into a guided self-exploratory pilgrimage, but in a self-exploratory examination PLR should be regarded as positioned on the lowest step of the ladder of spiritual illumination. The idea of reincarnation invokes a sense of mysticism with a religious context and has a colorful semantic halo. I want to suggest that restraint is a desideratum when making an appeal to personal spiritual insight in psychiatry.

PLR therapy

a. The therapeutic value of PLR is no different from that of other forms of psychotherapy.

b. The therapeutic effect may be due to its enhancing effect on transcendental beliefs.

c. PLR can be beneficial for personal development.

d. PLR is useful in identifying the source of information in instances of cryptomnesia.

e. Hypnotically regressed subjects have been known to remain in an altered state of personality for a long time, without responding to dehypnotizing suggestions.

Therapeutic benefits alone do not validate the particular technique that a therapist employs. PLR should be used only when it is unavoidable and it should be conducted only with informed consent. Again to use an analogy, every case of headache does not need to be investigated with a brain scan. The therapist ought to be discriminating when selecting patients. Unfortunately there are no set guidelines for referring patients to hypnotherapy, which is effectively outside the boundaries of designated areas of therapy. Patients should be encouraged to evaluate for themselves what benefit they would gain by remembering the traumatic events of an alleged previous existence. 

​​Search for the truth of past life regression

Quoting Dr. James Paul PandarakalamThe theory of reincarnation may offer an insight into several features of human personality and biology that contemporary theories do not clarify adequately. Past life regression (PLR) is a posited journeying into past lives, undertaken while the individual is subjected to hypnosis. The late Professor Ian Stevenson’s book Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Aetiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects has become a classic in the parasciences and has a worldwide readership.1 It has resulted in a resurgence of interest in PLR. Alternate explanations proposed for previous life memories include wishful thinking, cultural construction, deception, self deception and paranormal explanations other than reincarnation.The dichotomy between scientists and practitioners is ever widening, as is that between evidence obtained by research and the outcomes of clinical work. Mental health professionals are commonly consulted about the efficacy of complementary therapies, and they need an informed awareness of the merits and demerits of these therapies. Professionals in psychiatry and psychology must address the dangers posed by the application of questionable mental health techniques, but at the same time they need to be receptive to their potential. Paying more attention to research in PLR would be more to their advantage than dismissing it in its entirety.​

Past life regression in psychology

Past life regression. Irrefutably, if reincarnation were to become generally accepted in the future it would be untenable to regard past like regression  as a pseudo-therapy, embraced by paychology and enhanced by hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Reincarnation is not yet a scientific truth, yet PLR may be considered a useful form of psychotherapy in the appropriate culture when applied correctly, but damaging when abused and misapplied.

Another theory:

Actual life memories may need a vehicle in order to emerge into the conscious mind, and the mind with its enormous range of powers may creates a fictitious previous life to enable the delivery of real memories. Such a procedure may to some extent be correlated with a dream process. A few items of memory from a real previous life may become separated in some way and attracted to a fictitious previous life that is created by the mind. The outcome is the narration of an apparently coherent previous life. As previously mentioned, some compares such a process to the writing of a historical novel.

Hypnosis Regression

Past life true or false ?

Exposing the truth 

Past Life Regression (PLR) may be a psychic fraud. PLR techniques, with all their pitfalls, may be useful in gaining a deeper understanding of mind, an entity that is still shrouded in mystery. Experimental testing of the possible therapeutic benefits of PLR is overdue. The potential psychological value of PLR is evident, and further serious attention to this activity is merited, particularly in the light of its potential for ameliorating hurt and distress in those who experience it. PLR requires sophisticated therapeutic procedures. 

Regression work is related to hypnosis but other defi  can be used to discuss it. Regression work may be done by using such techniques as creative visualization, reverie, acting,  etc. Actually, regressive hypnosi  is a projecrion upon the soul journey. A person’s projection upon the past usually bring meaning, understanding, and insight to the here and now-present life, and it usuallly reveals implications for working with related elements in the future.

Over the years that past-life regression (and regression) work has been done, people have discovered  empowerign valuable benefits from each single session. Help, understating, resolving and healing have come in a variety of fields, I.E. : spiritual, sexual, neurological, emotional, physical, and even financial. Hynotherapists have found that such inner work goes far beyond the working with the symptoms of the presenting problems; it goes to the root cause. From the Cayce information, before the matter of reincarnation was presented, Cayce surprised everyone, especially himself, by asserting  that the cause of most medical issues started in a previous lifetime.

Past Life Regression therapy is unsafe in the hands of marginally trained therapists.

Regression hypnosis versus past life regression

hypnosis regression versus past life regression

Past life regression is based on the assumption or model of reincarnation. Such a model is considered a religious or metaphysical belief. As with all such beliefs it is not the therapist’s job to prove or disprove such beliefs, but rather to assist in exploring and discovering their own beliefs about the existence of past life experiences, and then to help such experiences create therapeutic movement within themselves.


Past life regression, because it is once removed from the history of the client’s present life, doesn’t carry the fact/fantasy confusion problems present in age regression.

Many therapists sidestep the issue of reincarnation and its validity by approaching the subject strictly in the context of therapy. Therapeutically they assume that the past life experience, real or not, is rich in metaphoric expression of the emotions and unresolved conflicts within the client’s subconscious mind. By seeking resolution of such conflicts and the venting of such emotions in a past life experience the benefit has the same impact as resolving or venting such issues in this life as well. Whether clients want to bridge the gap between issues in a past life and issues in their current life is strictly up to them and not required for the benefit to take place. In this way past life regression is considered to work more within the framework of the client’s defense mechanism than is age regression.