hypnosis and addictions

infertility is often related to the use of marijuana.


Study (see references) has proven that male infertility is often related to the use of marijuana. 

In males, marijuana diminishes testosterone production and lower the sperm count and in females, it disrupts hormone cycles. It has been also shown that children exposed prenatally To marijuana will have a lower IQ,  impairment sleep, low birth weight, decreased visual perception, low language comprehension, low attention span and impaired memory, compared to children who are not exposed to it. 

Marijuana causes many mental disorders, including acute Toxic psychosis, panic attacks, flashbacks, depression, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, acute mania, depersonalization, and increase aggressive behavior. The use of marijuana also leads to trigger attacks of mental illness, such as bipolar, (manic-depressive), psychosis and schizophrenia. It has also been shown that marijuana cause users to develop schizophrenia more than in non users.

Cannabis induced anxiety disorder, feeling of uselessness, inability to look into the future with optimism, adult cannabis related disorder.

The  withdrawal Symptoms of marijuana include irritability, nervousness, anxiety, depression, sleep and appetite disturbances, nausea, tremors, muscle convulsions, and restlessness.

Medical Marijuana or brainwashing rubbish? You may want to think twice before feeding  a $10 Billion business in 2017. 

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