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How to lose weight


Hypnosis may  a quick answer to our “ how to lose weight  “ question. When a trigering unit message is going into the mind, our neurons  create the anxiety that eventually leads to the escape process, which is EAT FOOD. At this ingurgitating food time, the body and brain feel back to safe within their environment, and the brain loses the critical ability that might otherwise cause it to reject the suggestions to maintain a balanced food intake. During this particular state, a certain part of his brain is already inhibited and the eating of food becomes uncontrollabel. Hypnosis reverse this state to your control. 

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Hypnosis to lose weight


How to lose weight with few sessions of weight loss hypnosis in New York ?

Let First understand what the intake of food triggers into our neurons, a pleasurable, limp, state of safety is apparently triggered by the release of a relaxant chemical, the same as the one that is triggered by the state of relaxation.

In summary, gaining weight and hypnosis are the same, except for one characteristic: hypnosis is a pleasurable state within a controlled environment, whereas  overweight is a worried, fearful state within an uncontrolled environment. When over-activity of the senses takes place, causing extreme receptiveness, the hypnotized subject is guided with positives, while the overweighted  person is guided by his own self destructive negativity.

hypnosis and weight loss, reversing the addiction.


I am being asked about weight loss hypnosis in New York; how to lose weight by many, friends and clients, why do a lose and then gain the weight back, why I can’t stick to my diet and exercise regime. 

The first answer by a caring professional shall be an educational lecture about ’weight’ and what weight truly represents.  To our mind, consciousness and spirit, weight is actually a meaningful, deep representation of a perfect (unconscious) logictal mechanism. Weight is an unconcious convincrion of absurdity with rationalization in support of the belief in it. Wheny we find out that we cannot control the environment, we cannot manage a job, and we cannot handle the messages that are conveyedu into our brain, we revert back into the escape mechanism (copying), which immediately puts us into an apathetic, depressed, hypersuggestible state. This state finds release into an escape - protection mechanism.  Addictions (food, drugs, sex, gambling, gaming, etc.) are part of the escape tools utilized to lead to an escape process.  That same escape process is utilized to promote hypnosis and reverse negative effects my reframing those addictive mechanisms.